Mass Excavation

Blaze has a fleet of excavators, bull dozers, off road truck haulers, front end loaders, earthmovers, and compactors to handle projects that require deep excavations, redistribution of dirt for backfill, and the loading and hauling of excess materials off site. In addition, Blaze can provide the specialty equipment and manpower for surgical excavation that is required to excavate and backfill for electrical, mechanical, and foundation installations.

Land Balance/Grading/Aggregate Installation

Blaze will provide the labor and equipment for grading the construction site to the proposed sub-grade elevations necessary to install the building pad, greenbelts, landscape, pavements, walks, and roadway areas. In addition, Blaze can provide the aggregate sub-base installations for all proposed hard surface areas.


Blaze has the qualified personnel and equipment to safely excavate, locate, and remove suspected contaminates from a project site. Blaze will work closely with the assigned testing engineer to clean up the entire site.

Site Demolition & Clearing

Blaze will provide the labor and equipment necessary to demolish and remove fences, pavements, curbs, sidewalks, and miscellaneous appurtenances from the project site. Also, Blaze will coordinate the clearing of major trees and forestry with a qualified clearing sub-contractor if required.